Battleground Unnamed One
Added On: July 16, 2017 3:35 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Battleground Unnamed One- Recipe: I already made one version of this guy before Axel put out his pic out what Battlground UNO looked like, but this one is based off of his version. The armor idea comes from uncle jake's custom i saw on the customs page. U can use any regular male buck, with bare shoulders and biceps, eldor forearms, and Lord dactus hands. The little wrist things that add to the look need to be cut in half since they wont be slidding over the wrist, horde prime skirt, the armor consists of the top half of skeletor's armor, and extra pair of shoulder pads off of skeletors armor, and blade armor with the shoulder pads cut off. I took the extra shoulders pads of skeletors and attched them to the underside to the shoulders of blades armor, then took the top half of Skeletors armor and attached that the top of blades armor. Scuplted some longer teeth to the skull on of blade's armor to make it look like the one on the Trollan Unnamed One, and the final piece of the armor is Pravhus's cape which, i cut off his shoulder guard. The cape is perfect as the purple on his hat is matches the color of the cape and the cape looks like snake skin on the inside. I used Faceless one legs, and Dactus boots and feet. I made all the colors of the Trollan UNO Match that of the Battleground UNO. Finally I repainted a snake staff in different types of gold, and a custom power sword in a snake theme, from Mike Mcevils shapeways shop.
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